On light and dark

I live, in norwegian terms, quite far from the coast. That means that I don’t see the ocean from my house. And if I were to visit the closest sea that would be the innermost part of the Oslofjord. So my photos are mostly urban these days as I don’t find the forests and hiking trails around here so fascinating.

I grew up however on the west coast of Norway and it gives me so much joy and comfort to come back to the wind and the rough sea and waves. There was time for that this week travelling 1000 km to visit family back home.

I went to Alnes just outside Ålesund where I grew up. Normally the temperature drops 10 degrees celsius and the wind picks up the double speed here. And the beach is present every other year as the ocean wipes the sand out one year and brings the sand back the next.

Besides the occasional surfer the beach isn’t used for much. But photographers flock here like seagulls to take yet another photo of the ocean, birds, waves, stones, sand, patterns and more. The worse the weather is the more photographers you meet here. This is where nature has it showroom.

Since I was back here last time I’ve turned to black and white. I always shoot in BW film mode as it helps me compose and expose the image better. However I also shoot RAW so the final image may end up in colours. But I have also turned to shooting for the lights and let the shadows blackened so much that the details are gone. Some parts of the shadows I bring back in post-processing but I bring more of my attention to the lights. I feel that I am part photographer and part painter as I spend time in Photoshop painting the lights and shadows onto the image. I entertain to layers for this. One layer is the highlights and one is the shadows. As I brush the light and shadow onto the image I see the transformation from a lifeless exposure come to life in front of me and it takes me back to the place in the image. Travel by light.



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Øyvind Brande-Lien

Øyvind Brande-Lien

Øyvind works a UX Lead at Knowit Norway. He is also a photographer with the urban areas as his playground.